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Quince Anos Jewelry Presents

 Quinceanera Poems

Below are some Quinceanera Poems.  


Wish Upon a Quince Star

When night has fallen
And the soul is moved
Silent wishes are made
In sacred solitude.

My wish dear friends
Look far above
Night sky filled with diamonds
Lit up with Latin love.

And we will all be stars
Shinning lights from times long past
Celebrating a Quinceanera
Family traditions holding fast.


The Symbol of the Shoes

Before me sits
A pretty pair of woman’s shoes
That will add beauty to a world
In which the almighty dollar rules.

And as beauty fills
The beast’s lonely tired heart
May these shoes of love teach well
Their grown-up adult part.

But where is my loving daughter
Who I once saw so infant small
Now a pretty princess
Attending her Quince Ball

Let the merry voices hush
When this princess takes her seat
While I remove childhood wrappings
From her proud Latino feet.

And true to tradition this parent will bow
Kissing my baby girl goodbye
Then presenting this pretty woman
To the honored handsome crowd.

The Tiara Tale

As legend would have it
One thousand years ago
There was an Aztec princess
Dressed in a shimmering golden robe

Looking over the palm tree’d cities
From her flowered balcony
Her father King held in his hands
A tiara named, “The Sparkling Sea.”

One hundred thousand subjects
Gathered to watch below
While her father gently whispered
During the orange drenched sunset glow

He whispered of all his people
In her life that she would know
From ministers to farmers
From the richest rich to the lowest low.

And how the young crowned princess
Should care and love them all
No matter how bejeweled
No matter how big or small.

As the princess bowed her royal head
In humble gratitude
Her childlike expression changed
Into a serious and thoughtful mood.

The sunset fired one last time
And the King looked towards the sea
While placing the tiara on her head
Asking God to protect her please.

The Princess now understood her place
And how she must proceed
A life removed from selfish things
But devoted to her kingdom’s needs.



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